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Custom Engraving

We provide engraving for your firearms, knives, pocket watches, etc...The prices for gun engraving can vary due to the style of engraving, the amount of engraving desired, and the detail of the design chosen. Because each gun is unique, each gun must be priced individually. Prices given are a general starting point price - giving you a base price to begin with in order to decide the amount of engraving you might desire!

Engraving not limited to items listed below.
If its engravable, I can do it!

  • Backstrap on Pistol - Starting @ $40.00
  • Cylinder on Pistol - Starting @ $75.00
  • Barrel Engraving (Pistol/shotgun/rifle) - Starting @ $50.00
  • Receiver Sides - Starting @ $75.00
  • Animal Designs - Starting @ $150.00
  • Bolster of Kinfe - Starting @ $25.00
  • Pistols - Ranging from $40.00-$800.00 depending upon the amount of coverage
  • Rifles - Ranging from $60.00-1500.00+ depending upon the amount of coverage
  • Shotguns - Prices can range from $60.00-1500.00+ depending upon the amount of coverage

REMEMBER: Prices May Vary Due to Design Choice

For Price Quotes and to Place an Order, email: Jane Nelson-Rud



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