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Custom Engraving & Quality Custom Clothing

We provide custom engraving for your firearms, knives,
pocket watches, etc...
The pricing for gun engraving can vary due to the style of engraving, the amount of engraving desired, and the detail of the design chosen. Because each gun is unique, each gun must be priced individually. Prices given are a general starting point price - giving you a base price to begin with in order to decide the amount of engraving you might desire!

• Pistols • Shotguns • Rifles • Knives • Flasks •
• Spurs• Scard Slides• Badges• Pins •

We Create custom clothing for Cowboy Action Shooters,
Victorian Balls, Theatres, Mascots, or for any special occassion...
We provide clothing for those who know exactly what they want and the items they are looking for. We can design it for you, or you may bring a design you have already found, no job is too tough. Whether it's helping to create your SASS Cowboy Persona or providing you with the garments to wear at your next Victorian Ball. Whether you are a man, woman, or child, we can cover all of you beautifully.

• Camisoles • Corsets • Bloomers • Petticoats • Shirtwaists
• Ruffles • Collars • Skirts • Bustles • Trains
• Riding Habits • Capes • Coats • Jackets • Split Riding Skirts
• Wild West Vests • Leggings • Chaps
• Concho/Tooled Belts • Hollywood Shirts/Pants/Skirts
• Character Costumes: Quigley Down Under/Quick and the Dead
• And anything else you can Imagine!
Any Costume can be Rhinestoned!

No'body' too large or small - we can cover all of you beautifully!



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Brittany Hill costumes

Brittany Hill

2007 SASS Show Dates



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